Green Earth Fine Gemstones and Jewelry specializes in faceting colored gemstones as well as making fine Jewelry.  Due to the large amount of time it takes for the quality we offer, we only facet a small quantity of gemstones yearly, and out of that small quantity about half of them are made into jewelry.  We do not mass produce anything. Every piece is individually hand made here in New Hampshire.


Furthermore we do offer gemstone repair services.  It is important to note, there are never any guarantees when it comes to recutting gemstones.  Unfortunately we frequently are given gemstones to recut only to find out that they are glass or resin.  Genuine gemstones also have flaws that can expand or even cause the stone to break. We do our best to identify the gemstone, develop an effective strategy, and always give you an estimate and get your approval before we start work.

GIA Certification

Nowadays it is very hard to tell a fake gemstone from a real gemstone.  There are a lot of counterfeit stones out there! The way we tell what is real whenever we have a concern is to have the Gemological Institute of America's laboratories test the gemstones and diamonds.  We highly recommend their services! If you want to buy a piece of Jewelry or a gemstone and have it GIA certified, for a fee we can send the item to GIA for you. We also offer GIA certified Emeralds!


All diamonds we use to make Jewelry with have been GIA graded for authenticity already.

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