Cutter's notes: In one lot of Opal for making cabs from, we found this one piece of perfectly clean with no flaws or fire material. If you could imagine a pearl becoming transparent, thats what this stone looks like. It was impossible not to get a couple of small scratches I can see under 10x, but you cannot see them unless you are purposely looking for them with a big magnifying glass.

Mexican Opal - Brilliant Pear Cut

SKU: 10028
  • Gemstone ID:10028


    Made in the USA


    Gemstone Type: Mexican Opal




    Cut type: Brilliant Pear

    Color: Pearlescent White

    Size/Weight: 9.8x12x7.2mm/3.1 Carats


    Treatments: none

    Country of origin: Mexico

    Faceting Location: New Hampshire