This is a beautiful and clean light blue Topaz cut in a traditional Emerald cut to enhance the color

3.9 Carat Sky Blue, Emerald Cut Topaz

SKU: 10039
  • Gemstone ID:10039

    Made in the USA


    Gemstone Type: Light Blue Topaz


    Cut type: Emerald

    Color: Light Blue

    Size/Weight: 9.75 x 7.35 x 6.3 mm / 3.9 Carats

    Grade: VVS

    Treatments: Irradiated for Color

    Country of origin: Thailand

    Faceting Location: New Hampshire, USA

    Cutter's notes:


    This Topaz was a joy to cut. It's extremely clean and took a polish very well. The polishing method used for this was a new lap that is a Hybrid ceramic matrix with 100k diamond paste applied. Usually Topaz loves scratching during polish but the new Hybrid lap virtually eliminated scratching. The trade off was it took a looooong time to polish. The results speak for themselves!