Jewelers Notes: Although the metal in this piece is White gold, it ended up polishing at closer to a rose gold. With so much metal on this piece, it was nice to see that golden hue peeking through. It ended up just being an awesome piece!

14K White Gold Pendant w/ 1.2 ct. Blue Oval Sapphire w/ 1 Diamond Accent

SKU: 10035
  • Metal: 14K White Gold

    Weight: 1.37 Grams

    Gemstone Type: Montana Sapphire

    Gemstone Cut type: Brilliant Oval

    Size/Weight: 7x5mm/1.2 Carats

    Gemstone Color: Blue

    Gemstone Grade: VS

    Gemstone Treatments: heat

    Gemstone Country of origin: Montana

    Accent Gemstone Type: Natural Diamond

    Size/Weight: 1 ea. 1.7mm/0.06 Carats total

    Accent Gemstone Cut type: Round Brilliant Precision Cut

    Accent Gemstone Color: G

    Accent Gemstone Grade: VS (Graded by GIA)

    Accent Gemstone Treatments: none

    Accent Gemstone Country of origin: USA