This Ethiopian Emerald is one of the finest Emeralds we have ever cut.  Its color is brilliant and it is extremely clean for an Emerald.  While the top is a standard Emerald cut, the Pavilion is cut in a Brilliant Barion style.  It flashes the most amazing Green I have ever personally seen in an African Emerald.  Furthermore to enhance the flash, it was polished with 100k Diamond on Ceramic instead of the usual Tin Oxide.

0.7 Ct. Very Clean, Excellent Color Emerald, GIA Certified

SKU: 10038
  • Gemstone ID:10038

    Made in the USA


    Gemstone Type: Ethiopian Emerald


    Cut type: Custom Barion Emerald

    Color: Green

    Size/Weight: 6.67 x 4.1 x 4.44 mm / 0.7 Carats

    Grade: VVS

    Treatments: Oil at mine

    Country of origin: Ethiopia

    Faceting Location: New Hampshire, USA

    Cutter's notes:


    This to date is my favorite Emerald ever to have cut. I designed this cut to show off the color but to also take advantage of the high clarity and show off the bright green sparkle. Furthermore it was polished on a Ceramic Lap with 100k diamond powder. When cutting, a large piece of the Emerald was sacrificed to give me the cleanest finished stone possible. This stone has also not been treated by us. The original rough came to me oiled, but it has spent lots of time soaking in alcohol so there are only traces left. And last but not least, it is GIA certified!