This is one of the darker green Ethiopian Emeralds I have worked with.  It does have some brown Jardin in it, hence the price.  The mine had oil treated the rough, but we did not treat it, and it spent a bunch of time in Alcohol, which washed away what little oil remained.  We did have this Emerald GIA Certified.

0.45 Carat GIA Certified Traditional Cut Emerald

SKU: 10042
  • Gemstone ID: 10042

    Made in the USA


    Gemstone Type: Emerald – GIA Certified


    Cut type: Traditional Emerald

    Color: Green

    Size/Weight: 5.26 x 4.06 x 2.95 mm / 0.45 Cts.

    Grade: SI1

    Treatments: oil

    Country of origin: Ethiopia

    Faceting Location: New Hampshire, USA

    Cutter's notes:

    Here is a traditional cut Ethiopian Emerald that has a good green color and sparkles in the light. It does have some brown Jardin but there are beautiful plays of light and color that make it seem almost alive!