Spectacular heirloom quality fine jewelry

Montana Sapphires, Made in USA, for 1.4 million years



Here you will find a variety of Fine Jewelry featuring High Quality Gemstones, as well as a variety of loose Gemstones that we cut and polish ourselves here in New Hampshire. With the exception of diamonds and some accent stones, our colored gemstones are faceted by us in our shop in New Hampshire. We also offer custom gemstone Faceting and repair as well as custom Jewelry crafting.


We are a New Hampshire based Gemstone cutting house and Jeweler. Our Gemstones and Jewelry are Made in the USA! The only things we use from overseas are the rough gemstones, and even those come to us from friends in Arizona and California. Our names are Marc, Tim, MaryAnn, and Nick and we're proud Americans!


Please feel free to browse our goods. All items that are available can be purchased online through our shopping cart or you may communicate with us electronically or by telephone at 603-435-4006 Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM. If you wish to view an item in person, we can offer you a viewing by appointment.

Please Be aware that our Items are for sale in several places at once and may not be available,  Currently Etsy is our most up to date platform.  If you have any questions about availability we will answer you quickly.

We are also now on Etsy @GreenEarthFineGems!

Now for some small print: We do not cut or recut diamonds. All diamonds are purchased from a reputable American company that has GIA certified them for color, grade and authenticity. Gemstones that we cut, regardless of the country of origin of the rough, are considered Made in the USA once cut. We will include the country of origin of the rough gemstones in the technical sheet for each item. We make every effort to use parts made in the USA, but occasionally we have to buy items from overseas. Usually those items are the previously mentioned rough gemstones. Whenever an item besides gemstone rough comes from overseas, we will also spell it out in the technical sheet.

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