Ordering Custom Jewelry:

Please contact us and we can discuss your desires and provide you with a quote and time frame.

Return Policy:


You may return an undamaged, unmodified gemstone or jewelry within 15 days of the day of receipt for a refund for the amount paid for the item itself, not including shipping or services.  Any custom orders, including pieces we have custom engraved for you or added gemstones to, or otherwise modified for you are not returnable.


You are responsible for shipping costs and insurance.  If you send an item to us, fail to insure it, and have it lost in the mail, we are not responsible.  You MUST insure all gemstones and jewelry you send to us for any reason.


Warranty Policy:


All of our Jewelry comes with a 1 year metal warranty.  This covers any breaks or cracks in the metal that causes a structural deficiency.  All components must be returned for repair. Lost gemstones, diamonds, or pieces of the jewelry will not be covered.  Damage to the Gemstones and diamonds are not covered.


Scratches and Dents Policy:


Free of Charge at any point in the life of the jewelry we will re-polish, remove minor scratches and dents, and perform any superficial work that needs to be done (Kind of like a tune up for your car) like tightening gemstone prongs or truing a ring up so its round again.

Customer Damaged Gemstones and Jewelry:


In this category we can never make any guarantees because of all the creative ways people break things......  BUT if you damage your own gemstone or piece of jewelry and you send it back to us for repair, we will do everything we can to fix it for you at or as close to our cost as we can.