How our Gemstones are Created:


Our gemstones are created from blueprints that already exist, or we use a Computer Aided Drafting program specifically for gemstones to custom design new ones. These blueprints are mathematical models that the computer can manipulate to calculate light return and appearance. We are able to simulate the gemstone before we ever have to cut any of it away. Within this simulation we play with the design until we find the best angles to soak the light in color and return it to your eye with the best flash.

These gemstones are hand cut on a 40 year old machine that is sensitive enough that if you were to cut a human hair in 4 pieces and put one of those pieces of hair between the polishing lap and the gemstone, the gemstone cutter could feel it like driving over a telephone pole with your car. The machine is not automatic, we have to set every angle and index of each facet then control the stone by hand on the lap. The instruments take you just so far, then its all done with the eye and feel under heavy magnification.